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SqlToTxt - Export SQL Server data to file (csv, tsv, txt, sql, xml, excel...)
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27 December 2014

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This is a tool that helps SQL Server data export from databases in various formats including plain text.

SqlToTxt is a tool to export SQL Server data to file in various forms such as csv, text, sql, xml, html, excel, etc. Data to be exported can be harvested from a specific table, the complete schema or from a SQL query. The tool supports export of text (ntext) and image fields. The export activities could be scheduled and automated through command line commands. That should relieve the IT department of quite a bit of work. Further time saving is achieved through ability to save session parameters. You could always reuse the saved data without the need for setting up the routine sessions again and again. For the data export activity, the tool is able to connect to a local server as well as a remote one, when required.

When you do need to set up a session (there’s always a first time things are done), the configuration is done easily through the visual interface. It takes only a few clicks to set up a session. You need to select the schema, the table and the fields as needed. Data delimiters, data type to which to be exported etc. are easily selected. You get a progress bar showing you how the transfer is going. The tool also collects log during the transfer process. It should be possible to find what were the reasons when there are problems. This is a neat and handy tool for data transfers when you need to do this often.

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SqlToTxt - The better tool to export SQL Server data to file
SqlToTxt - Export SQL Server data to file (csv, tsv, txt, sql, xml, excel...). SqlToTxt is a tool to export SQL Server data to file (csv, text, sql, xml, html, excel...).

SqlToTxt is convenient:
1. Easy visually config, just click on the mouse.
2. Displaying Progress, time estimation.
3. Saving and loading session parameters, let you repeat your task easily.
SqlToTxt is powerful:
1. Support multiple file format: csv, txt, sql, xml, html, Excel.
2. Export from both table and query.
3. Export all tables data in a schema to files in same time.
Version 2.7
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